Iraqi PMF militia chief says ready to take revenge on American troops after US bombing

Iraqi PMF militia chief says ready to take revenge on American troops after US bombing
The Iraqi militia chief discussed 'retribution' after Washington conducted a series of bombings along the border with Syria that killed several Iran-backed fighters.
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Al-Khazali made his remarks on his organisation's television station [AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP via Getty Images]

The chief of a militia belonging to the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) alliance has suggested American troops could be targeted if US airstrikes on its militia bases continue.

Militia Asaib Ahl Al-Shaabi chief Qais Al-Khazali spoke on his organisation's Al-Ahad television station on Tuesday warning of revenge attacks on US troops stationed in Iraq.

It follows US bombing raids along the border between Iraq and Syria. The Iran-backed PMF said one raid killed four of its fighters.

Al-Khazali argued that the US "is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world" and said that "those truly fighting [the Islamic State group] are the youths who are stationed along the border".

Al-Khazali contended: "We are not seeking blood… however the treacherous American enemy is the one who started wasting lives and moved the battle to this level."

According to Russian government-funded RT's Arabic-language service, he continued: "If America continues to shed Iraqi blood, then it is within our power to continue to respond."

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"The retribution for the blood of our cherished youth will only be the blood of [the] occupying soldiers."

The US would not predict how or when these retaliatory acts would take place.

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The PMF also said shortly after the US attacks that it is "fully ready… to respond and take revenge", according to AFP.

The Pentagon announced the airstrikes on Sunday.

It said it had conducted retaliatory targeted airstrikes against "facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups" on the Iraq-Syria border.

According to a monitor, at least five Iran-backed militia fighters were killed.