Iran to prosecute Women's Day organisers after 'scandalous' dancing

Iran to prosecute Women's Day organisers after 'scandalous' dancing
A Women's Day event in Tehran sparked a scandal in Iran, after a group of women wearing jeans danced in front of a mixed gender crowd.
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08 March, 2018
Iran celebrates Women's Day on 9 March [Anadolu-file photo]

Iran will look to prosecute the organisers of a Women's Day event in Tehran, after young girls were shown dancing on stage at the mixed gender festival.

Footage from the celebration shows a group of young girls dancing in front of the audience, which included men and women during Tuesday's event.

A group of girls dressed in tight jeans and a type of tutu are shown performing a choreographed dance set to classical music. 

Iran's top legal authority wants to prosecute organisers of a party arranged by Tehran City Hall.

Attorney General Mohammed Jafar Montazeri claimed the event included "acts against public morality" and Islamic tradition.

Among those attending was Tehran's reformist mayor, Mohammad Ali Najafi.

Iran's strict implementation of Islamic law bans women from dancing in front of men and also makes it compulsary for women to cover their hair.

Montazeri ordered Tehran's prosecutor to "quickly examine the issue and launch legal proceedings against those responsible".

Iran celebrates its own Women's Day on 9 March, marking the birthday of Fatima, the Prophet Mohammed's daughter.