International aviation authority head praises Middle East security progress

International aviation authority head praises Middle East security progress
ICAO head endorses new agreements relating to security and safety made by Middle Eastern civil aviation heads made in Oman.
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21 October, 2017
ICAO head Dr Fang Liu [L] endorsed the new agreements made in Muscat [ICAO]

The head of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on Thursday praised progress made in cyber security and aviation safety in the Middle East.

Dr Fang Liu, Secretary General of the ICAO, made the remarks at a meeting of global aviation heads in Oman's capital, Muscat.

"The ICAO Middle East (MID) region has been the fastest growing region for passenger and cargo traffic since 2011, and airlines here have posted double-digit passenger flight growth every year since 2012," said ICAO Secretary General, Dr Fang Liu, said at the meeting. 

"In 2016, these carriers recorded 11.2% growth in revenue passenger-kilometres (RPKs), the highest among all ICAO regions," he added.

Middle Eastern delegates at the meeting reached new agreements on seurity and safety, including to establish the Middle East Regional Aviation Security and Facilitation Group and to developm a Draft Arab Civil Aviation Commission/MID Security and Facilitation Plan.

The agreements mark a significant development for the Middle East's civil aviation industry, which has created a around 2.4 million jobs and brings in $157 billion dollars in GDP.

Increased cooperation in aviation security and safety contributed to lastyear being the safest-ever on record.

As a specialised agency of the United Nations, the ICAO promotes aviation safety and development around the world by setting standards and regulations.

Adhering to the ICAO's strategies and receving its endorsement is key to accessing the its network and the significant socio-economic benefits on offer.