Ilhan Omar blames Trump's 'criminal neglect' for father's Covid death

Ilhan Omar blames Trump's 'criminal neglect' for father's Covid death
American Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has slammed Donald Trump's Covid-19 policies following the death of her father.
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18 December, 2020
Ilhan Omar [Getty]
American Muslim Cngresswoman Ilhan Omar said on Thursday that her father died of Covid-19 in June due to “criminal neglect” byDonald Trump.

"My father and over 300,000 people have lost their lives because of dangerous criminal neglect by Trump and his administration," Omar told MSNBC.

"I agree with [South Carolina Congressman Jim] Clyburn that it is not enough for us just to issue subpoenas, we have to investigate and prosecute these people who are responsible for these reckless deaths."

The Democrat representative for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District said that the reason her father – and hundreds of thousands of other people who died from coronavirus –  are "not here with us because we didn’t have leaders who cared about their lives."

"The president, to this day, has not shown an ounce of compassion to the people who have passed away," she added.

"My father survived so many things, for him to lose his life to Covid is devastating."

Omar’s comments come following the release of a memo by Clyburn, who is the Chairman of the House of Representatives' Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis.

The memo cited new documents obtained in the investigation of political interference by senior members of the Trump administration in the response to the Covid pandemic.

The documents show that officials at the Department of Health and Human Services on several occasions discussed pursuing a "herd immunity" strategy and were aware that Trump administration policies were causing an increase in coronavirus cases.

However, the officials apparently tried to hide the true danger of the virus and blamed career scientists for the administration’s failures.

"I am deeply troubled that, instead of promoting the best available science needed to keep Americans safe, the Trump Administration has played politics with a pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 300,000 of our fellow Americans," the Chairman stated earlier this week.

"The documents obtained by the Select Subcommittee show a pernicious pattern of political interference by administration officials. As the virus spread through the country, these officials callously wrote, ‘who cares’ and ‘we want them infected.’ They privately admitted they ‘always knew’ the President’s policies would cause a ‘rise’ in cases, and they plotted to blame the spread of the virus on career scientists."

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