Houthis launch attack on Yemeni security centre in Taiz

Houthis launch attack on Yemeni security centre in Taiz
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05 May, 2022
The headquarters of a pro-government group in Yemen's province of Taiz was targeted by a suspected Houthi drone
Civilians were left panicked after the attack [Getty]

A Yemeni security centre in the southwestern province of Taiz was struck by a Houthi rebel attack on Wednesday, military sources say.

The Houthi rebels orchastrated a drone attack attack against the headquarters of the pro-government security forces and the Civil Defence Authority in eastern Taiz, a military official told Chinese news agency Xinhua.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that over eight security personnel were wounded in the drone attack.

Civilians were left in panic, especially children and women who were in a park near the security centre, he added.

The rebel group has not yet claimed the attack. However, if the Houthis are confirmed to be involved, this would mark another violation of a United Nations-sponsored ceasefire which came into place on 2 April.

The United Nations has warned of a "worsening" humanitarian situation in Yemen but said the fragile truce could help reverse the situation.

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"The worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen is a reality that we need to urgently address," UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, David Gressly, said in a statement released late Saturday.

"Over 23 million people - or almost three-quarters of Yemen's population - now need assistance... an increase of almost three million people from 2021," he said.

Gressly urged donors to take advantage of a UN-brokered truce that has largely held since April 2.

"The UN-led truce is a vital opportunity for aid agencies to scale up life-saving assistance and to reach more people in acute need quickly, including in areas where access was limited due to armed conflict and insecurity," he said.