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Hamas: we will decide when to discuss Israeli prisoners

Hamas: we will decide when to discuss Israeli prisoners
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16 April, 2015
Member of political bureau tells al-Araby al-Jadeed that says that Israel will not press movement into entering talks on captured Israeli soldiers.
Hamas's military wing captured several Israeli soldiers [AFP]

Khalil al-Hayya, member of the political bureau of the Islamist resistance movement Hamas, has said his movement would choose the right time to start discussing the issue of its Israeli prisoners of wars.

On the sidelines of a solidarity vigil organised by national and Islamist powers on the Palestinian Prisoners' Day in Gaza, Hayya emphasised that by addressing the issue of the soldiers gone missing during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza, the Israeli occupation is trying to push Hamas into discussing the issue, which will not happen.

Hayya added that Israel should comply with all agreements, releasing the prisoners of the Wafaa al-Ahrar prisoner swap deal first before discussing any other issues. As for now, the issue will not be discussed.

Dozens of Palestinian activists and families or current and former prisoners took part in the vigil, raising solidarity banners demanding the release of the prisoners and their right to live freely with their families in their home country.

The Hamas official also said the Palestinian prisoners were arrested unjustly by the occupation, and that the people will liberate them through perseverance. He highlighted the need to reveal all cards that can take Israeli leaders to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In addition, Hayya demanded the national committee to prioritise the prisoners and prosecute the Israeli war criminals in the ICC, calling to set he differences aside and agree on confronting the occupation with one political entity and united national action.

Hayya added that the Israeli occupation does not differentiate between civilians, lawmakers or resistance fighters, saluting lawmaker Khalida Jarrar, who was arrested by Israeli authorities recently from her home in Ramallah.

Islamic Jihad leading member Ahmed al-Modallal called the Palestinian people to unite in support of Palestinians held in Israeli prisoners, suffering from torture there.

Modallal told al-Araby al-Jadeed that the prisoners’ suffering in Israeli prisoners was beyond description. They are lab rats for Israel and they are victims of medical negligence, which led to dozens of deaths, the most recent of whom was Jaafar Awad.

He also described the issue of prisoners as a priority for national and Islamist powers, which are working in every way possible to free them from Israeli prisons.

Modallal demanded international human rights organisation to interfere quickly and pressure Israeli into taking up responsibility for the hundreds of sick prisoners who are not receiving proper treatment and who are left without any medical care.

On 17 April every year, the Palestinian people celebrate the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day through a number of events and solidarity vigils, official and popular, to support the perseverance of the Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli prisons.

This is a translation of the original Arabic.