Hakimi-Mbappe 'bromance' survives France v Morocco World Cup semi-final clash

Hakimi-Mbappe 'bromance' survives France v Morocco World Cup semi-final clash
Ahead of the France v Morocco game on Wednesday night, fans speculated whether the 'bromance' had been put on pause.
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15 December, 2022
Friends Achraf Hakimi [L] and Kylian Mbappe [R] went head-to-head on Wednesday night [Getty]

Kylian Mbappe and Achraf Hakimi's friendship appeared to remain intact on Wednesday night, despite France and Morocco's fierce semi-final showdown in the Qatar World Cup.

The Paris St Germain (PSG) teammates warmly embraced after the final whistle, when France completed its 2-0 win over Morocco to progress to the World Cup final

Morocco's star right-back swapped his shirt with Frenchman Mbappe, as the France forward joined his teammates to celebrate in front of the French fans.

Mbappe ran alongside his teammates while wearing the red and green jersey of the Atlas Lions.


The PSG duo have shared many videos online showing their close friendship. However, ahead of the France v Morocco game, fans speculated whether the "bromance" had been put on pause.

"After we play against Morocco, I have to destroy my friend," French forward Mbappe said in a video on a trip to Qatar in January with their club PSG.

"I'm going to kick him," a smiling Hakimi responded.

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Hakimi and Mbappe also share a signature celebration which they often perform together. Hakimi, who scored Morocco's winning penalty against Spain, performed the penguin walk without his mate.

The two friends have been in contact during the tournament, however, with Mbappe visiting Hakimi during a day off to congratulate him on Morocco's win streak.

France wins semi-final, 'Morocco wins hearts'

During the match, in which Morocco fought hard but failed to score, the two players went directly against each other, with Hakimi playing right-back and Mbappe playing centre-left.

It was down France's left wing that Morocco opened up with many opportunities, with Mbappe failing to track back as Hakimi pushed up the flank.

After the game, Mbappe consoled his friend and took to Twitter to share a picture of the two hugging.

"Don’t be sad bro, everybody is proud of what you did, you made history," Mbappe tweeted.

The Atlas Lions put on a spirited performance keeping the French on their toes, with several close chances in the box.

Despite losing the game, Morocco made history by becoming the first team from an Arab and African state to reach the World Cup semi-finals.

Fans took to social media after the game to congratulate the Moroccan side on their achievement, with many sharing messages saying that France might won the game but Morocco  "won our hearts".