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Gaza: Fuel rapidly running out as death toll surpasses 6,500

Gaza: Fuel supplies rapidly running out in hospitals as death toll surpasses 6,500
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25 October, 2023
The death toll in Gaza has reached 6,546 Palestinian victims as of Thursday, with health officials warning of an imminent disaster as fuel is due to run out by Thursday.

Thousands of patients in the Gaza Strip are at risk of dying as hospitals run out of the fuel and water needed for generators, health officials have stressed.

Health officials in the besieged Palestinian territory said that fuel could run out by early as Thursday, putting 7,000 patients at risk of death, as millions more Gazans face being killed in indiscriminate Israeli airstrikes.

Lack of fuel could also bring an end to any aid entering Gaza, the UN warned. Food, water and fuel are scarce in the territory as Israel imposed a total siege on Gaza soon after the war broke out, putting the already-impoverished population at risk of hunger, dehydration and lack of access to medical care and other necessities.

This comes as Israel's ferocious air strikes hit the enclave overnight, killing at least 80 people and increasing the death toll to 6,546 victims. 

At least 2,704 children are among those killed, while 17,439 are wounded.


Since the start of the wat on October 7, Israel has bombarded hospitals, school and residential areas in the territory, destroying most of the buildings in the densely-populated enclave and raising fears of ethnic cleansing and a "Second Nakba".

Israel has also conducted violent attacks in the occupied West Bank since the war in Gaza began.

Over 100 Palestinians have been killed in the territory, with incidents reported in Jenin, Qalqiya and Qalandia according to Palestinian media reports on Wednesday.