Gamers rally for Palestine, as Gaza death toll reaches 200

Gamers rally for Palestine, as Gaza death toll reaches 200
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16 May, 2021
Gamers are showing solidarity with Palestinians after days of Israeli bombing in Gaza.
Gamers are uniting for Palestinians [Getty]
Gamers are calling on support for Palestinians after nearly 200 died from a week of Israeli bombing in Gaza and attacks on protesters in the occupied West Bank continue.

Politicians, poets and actors have all weighed in and called for an end of Israeli violence - but now, gamers are getting involved.

Several leading names in the gaming industry are using their profiles to raise money for Palestinians and taken to social media to condemn Israeli bombing in Gaza.

Rami Ismail, who developed the video game Nuclear Throne, took to Twitter to condemn the dozens of child deaths from Israeli airstrikes.

"Every loss of human life is awful," he wrote.

"Israel continues to refuse to a cease-fire despite being offered over and over. Israel -which both instigated and continues this violence- chooses for these numbers to go up, and these statistics should be harrowing in that light."

He added: "Statistically, for every Israeli civilian death, in Palestine 1 child under 6 years is blown up, along with 19 civilians of any age."

In Gaza, 197 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, including at least 58 children.

Ismail isn’t the only person in the gaming community to come out in support of Palestinians.

Editor of US gaming website GameSpot, Tamoor Hussain, released a video on YouTube calling on people to raise awareness about the "horrible things happening to Palestinian people".

He "called out" to members of his community with a platform to raise awareness of the deaths in Gaza. He said there has been a lacklustre response by the gaming community to rally behind this cause.

Hussain went on to call for donations from his readers, urging people to give funds to Palestinian-focused charities like Palestine Children's Relief Fund and Doctors Without Borders.

Video game websites, IGN and Kotaku, collected a list of charities to donate to. Members of the world-famous famous Super Smash Bros. community will hold also an online tournament next week to raise funds for charity.

In the occupied West Bank, 21 Palestinian protesters were shot dead with live ammunition by Israeli forces, according to the territories' health ministry.

In the Gaza Strip, 1,225 Palestinians have been wounded by the Israeli airstrikes and artillery bombing, while in the West Bank, 4,363 Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli occupation forces or illegal Israeli settlers.

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