Former Israeli space chief dies of injuries after Acre hotel blaze

Former Israeli space chief dies of injuries after Acre hotel blaze
Ex-Israeli space programme chief Avi Har-Even died after being wounded in the allegedly deliberate blaze.
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07 June, 2021
Avi Har-Even was the holder of an Israel Defense Prize [file photo-Getty]

The ex-chief of Israel's space programme died on Sunday following serious injuries sustained in an allegedly deliberate blaze at an Acre hotel in May.

Avi Har-Even was aged 84 and was seriously wounded in the alleged arson event at the hotel where he was a guest, Haaretz reported.

Har-Even was the holder of an Israel Defense Prize, which the president hands out annually.

A 76-year-old woman and a teenager were also hurt, Haaretz said. The outlet gave no description of how serious their conditions are.

The Israeli daily claimed the fire was lit by Palestinian citizens of Israel following protests in May.

Israel's Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency and police have arrested suspects in relation to the Efendi fire.

Nevertheless, the probe is subject to reporting restrictions, Haaretz said.

The paper also said, among other targets were a police building and bed-and-breakfast hotels belonging to Jews – though it was not clear how they were targeted

This came as Israel carried out its deadly 11-day bombing campaign on Gaza, while Hamas and other Gaza-based Palestinian groups fired rockets into Israel.

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As many as 248 Palestinians lost their lives in Gaza, of which 66 were children. In Israel, 12 died, including two minors.

During the escalating intercommunal violence in Israel, many serious assaults were perpetrated against Palestinians.

Among these was an attempted lynching of a Palestinian man live on television.

Israeli authorities have indicted three Jewish Israelis on charges including attempted murder and incitement to terrorism over the lynching.