'Finish Them': Nikki Haley writes message on Israeli rockets destined for south Lebanon

'Finish Them': Nikki Haley writes message on Israeli rockets destined for south Lebanon
Washington's former UN envoy and failed presidential candidate Nikki Haley was touring military sites, where she wrote her message of support for Israel.
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29 May, 2024
The hawkish Nikki Haley was the United State's former ambassador to the United Nations [Getty/file photo]

Former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley wrote "Finish Them" on Israeli rockets allegedly destined for south Lebanon amid months of fighting.

The failed presidential candidate was touring Israeli military sites at the border with Lebanon, which has seen heavy clashes with the Iran-backed Hezbollah group since last October, in parallel with Israel’s war on Gaza.

Images of the hawkish Haley, a staunch supporter of the Israeli offensive on Gaza, were widely shared online. The full message read: "Finish them! America loves Israel always. Nikki Haley."

She was accompanied by Knesset Member Dany Dannon, who also wrote messages on the shells.

X users outraged by the image commented under Dannon’s post: "Nikki Haley is truly an ignorant, soulless human being", "Every post like this is a nail in Israel's coffin", "Nazis of our time", and "War criminals".

The cross-border clashes between Hezbollah and Israel have killed over 400 people in Lebanon to date, mostly fighters from the Iran-backed Lebanese group. But the toll includes over 80 civilians and medics, including children and journalists.

Israel’s strikes have caused widespread destruction in dozens of Lebanese border towns and villages, forcing tens of thousands to leave their homes.

Last week, a school bus full of children narrowly escaped an Israeli strike which reportedly targeted a Hezbollah member.

Three Lebanese journalists have also been killed, including Reuters photojournalist Issam Abdallah who Human Rights Watch in December said was deliberately targeted by Israeli forces.

A May analysis also showed that an Israeli strike which killed seven health workers in south Lebanon using US ammunition was a violation of international law.

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Hezbollah has said that it will stop fighting once a ceasefire in Gaza, where Israel has killed over 36,000 people, is reached.

However, Israel has linked a cessation in hostilities to a withdrawal of Hezbollah fighters north of the Litani River - some 30 kilometres from the Lebanon-Israel border.

Western-led negotiations are trying to secure a diplomatic settlement to the current hostilities, which include finalising a land border deal between the enemy states.

Israel has threatened to carry out a full-scale attack against Hezbollah and invade Lebanon if diplomatic efforts fail, and Hezbollah has voiced readiness for such a scenario.