Explosion 'of unknown origin' rips through building in Budapest

Explosion 'of unknown origin' rips through building in Budapest
Two have been injured in a blast at a shop in the Hungarian capital, as the police investigate the possible cause.
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25 September, 2016
Two police officers have been injured in the blast [Twitter.com/michaelh992]

An explosion ripped through a shop in Budapest, injuring two police officers.

The blast, "of unknown origin", rocked a basement building in downtown Budapest late on Saturday.

Authorities said the blast occurred at 10.30pm local time (2030 GMT) in a "business premises" in a basement of a building on a major intersection.

Two police officers who were on patrol were injured and taken to hospital, said a police statement.

The explosion, which was heard across large parts of the Hungarian capital, blew out windows and damaged walls of the building.

Witnesses said the building shook from the blast and people were seen running out in panic.

The surrounding area was cordoned off and buildings evacuated, including the renowned Liszt Academy of Music.

Police said an investigation was underway to discover its cause.

Latest unconfirmed reports suggest it may have been a gas explosion.

Hungary's rescue agency said no fires were caused by the blast.