Exclusive: New footage of Eastern Ghouta bombing

Exclusive: New footage of Eastern Ghouta bombing
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22 February, 2018
Video: The latest video to emerge from Eastern Ghouta shows desperation at every turn.
Eastern Ghouta has been under fire from the Assad regime and its allies [Getty]
The wreckage of buildings, the bombing of civilians, desperate searches for survivors amid the rubble of one of Syria's last enclaves held by the anti-Assad opposition.

Hundreds dead in just days. Hospitals bombed. Survivors forced into makeshift clinics for treatment. 

The latest footage, shot by Syrian journalist Qusay Noor exclusively for The New Arab, along with clips sent to us by the independent Ghouta Media Center, shows the desperation that has come with the relentless airstrikes, as the Damascus regime seeks to wipe out the last pockets of resistance in the country.

Watch the clip below. Warning: Graphic footage