Ex-Islamophobic German politician finds Allah, converts to Islam

Ex-Islamophobic German politician finds Allah, converts to Islam
German far-right politician Arthur Wagner has stepped down from his position in the anti-Islam AfD party and has converted to Islam.
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24 January, 2018
1.9 percent of Germany's population is Muslim [Getty]

German far-right politician affiliated with a party known for its animosity towards Islam has become a Muslim himself, news that Muslims might see as corroboration of the Quran's declaration that God "guides (to the right path) whomever He wills” (39:23).

Arthur Wagner, who was a part of the AfD state legislative committee in Brandenburg stepped down from his leadership post in the party that claims “Islam has no place in Germany” and took his Shahada, which is a declaration of faith in Islam.

His conversion was especially seen as a shock to many, because just last summer, he stood and accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of making a “huge mistake” by opening Germany’s borders to refugees, saying that “Germany is mutating” because of the demographic entering the country.

It is important to remember that only 1.9 percent of Germany's population identifies as Muslim.

The AfD is notorious for pedalling the Islamophobic narrative in Germany.

“Islam doesn’t belong in Germany. We see the ideology of multiculturalism as a serious threat to societal peace and cultural unity”, the party has on its website.

Despite the party’s hard-line anti-Islam stance, spokesperson of the AfD party urged that Wagner’s issue is being respected.

“Religion is a private issue”, party spokesperson, Daniel Friese told Reuters, urging the party “believes in religious freedom as stated in the constitution”.

Wagner, according to the party resigned from his post on 11 January for “personal reasons”, it was not until after his resignation it was discovered that he had converted to Islam.