Egyptian Coptic crewmember of TV series on ISIS abducted in Lebanon

Egyptian Coptic crewmember of TV series on ISIS abducted in Lebanon
An Egyptian Coptic accountant at a production company producing a Ramadan TV drama series about ISIS has been abducted by an unknown armed group in Lebanon.
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Egypt - Cairo
20 April, 2022
The abductee is a crewmember of an Egyptian TV drama series on ISIS. [Getty]

An Egyptian crewmember of a Ramadan TV drama series about the Islamic State group (ISIS) has been abducted a few days ago in Lebanon, local news outlets reported.

The abductee's son, Mario Sadek Rolli, said his father, who is a Coptic Christian, was working as an accountant at Cedars Art Production and was present with the cast while filming several scenes in Lebanon.

Rolli was shot at by militants while riding a car through the Lebanese village of Taybeh. The driver was injured in the leg and managed to escape, but Rolli was taken.

"I learned about my father's abduction from social media one day after the incident, and then I contacted the company my father worked for and the news was confirmed," his son told local media.

He added that he contacted the Egyptian foreign ministry and the Lebanese embassy in Egypt in an attempt to know about his father’s fate.

It remains unclear whether Rolli's religious belief has anything to do with his abduction. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the kidnap of Rolli till the time of publishing.

The Egyptian cast has been shooting a TV drama series titled, "Bitlou'Al-Rouh" (the soul leaves the body), about a woman from an upper-class background, named Rouh, who is lured into joining ISIS by her husband. She eventually escapes for her life, only to find herself stuck in a refugee camp far from home.

The show is broadcast daily on the Saudi-funded MBC Misr since the second half of Ramadan.