Egyptian anti-regime journalist stabbed in 'assassination attempt'

Egyptian anti-regime journalist stabbed in 'assassination attempt'
Ahmed Gamal Ziada, a journalist and photographer known for his critical views of the Egyptian regime, was stabbed four times in what has been described as an "assassination attempt".
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27 December, 2015
Ahmed wrote many articles about human rights abuses in Egypt [facebook]
A prominent Egyptian journalist has been stabbed and escaped being shot in an alleged "assasination attempt", which activists are linking to his anti-regime views. 

Ahmed Gamal Ziada was stabbed four times in the attack close to Cairo University on Friday night is being treated for his wounds in hospital.

The journalist and photographer writes for Al-Araby al-Jadeed, The New Arab's Arabic sister site, as well as Egyptian news website Masr al-Arabia.

"Ahmed was walking on the pedestrian bridge of Cairo University metro station when a man pointed his pistol towards him and Ahmed managed to divert it," wrote Mohamed Ziada, Ahmed's brother, on Facebook.

While Ziada defended himself, another man stabbed Ahmed from behind.

"This is an assassination attempt; no one tried to rob his cell phone or his money," Mohamed told al-Masry al-Youm.

Ziada's brother alleged that the attack was linked to critical articles he had written about the Egyptian regime.

The journalist is being treated for his wounds in Boulaq al-Dakrour Hospital in Giza, and his condition has reportedly improved. 

Ziada has been arrested by regime security forces before after taking part in protests at al-Azhar university

He was detained for almost 500 days during and took part in two hunger strikes.

After his release, he spoke openly about the mistreatment he experienced, and repeated his critical views towards the regime.

"I'm not going to lie, pretend that I'm a hero and say I don't feel fear. The truth is, I am afraid, perhaps more than those who never went to prison," he told Middle East Eye earlier this year.  

"I am afraid, but I am not going to be silent, I am not going to stop taking pictures. I am not going to stop writing either articles or posts on social media websites exposing what is going on here in Egypt."