Egypt: Bassem Youssef cancels show amid safety fears

Egypt: Bassem Youssef cancels show amid safety fears
Bassem Youssef has taken his satirical show off the air, citing the safety of his family as the reason.
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06 November, 2014
Youssef's show was recently taken off-air [Youtube]

Bassem Youssef has stirred controversy across social media networks after his latest interview was posted online.

The Egyptian satirist announced that his TV show, Al-Bernameg ["The Programme"], had been taken off the air following accusations it was targeting Cairo officials.

Youssef on "Berkeley Talks"

"I don't think we crossed the line," Youssef told the University of California's Berkeley Talks series.

"At a certain point you have to stop and think about the safety of your family and yourself."

Youssef's comments were widely shared on social media with some expressing solidarity with the satirist, while others attacking him for his political position.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.