Iraqi parliament
Deep disagreements between the two main Kurdish ruling parties in the Iraqi Kurdistan region is the main cause of delaying a parliamentary vote on Iraq’s budget bill for 2023.
Political and security threats from pro-Iran factions have obliged the Iraqi government to postpone implementing the Basra-Aqaba pipeline project.
The UAE, China and Turkey accounted for 99.8 percent of the Russian gold exports in customs data for the period between 24 February 2022 and 3 March 2023.
Egypt has deferred payments for its large wheat purchases, in some cases by months, according to a government official and traders, as the country grapples with a shortage of hard currency.
With foreign reserves tumbling, some analysts say Turkey could face another economic crash as soon as this year that sends inflation soaring again and strains its balance of payments – unless the government changes course.
A counting machine counting 50,000 Lebanese pound banknotes
Lebanon was scored as only partially compliant in several categories, including anti-money laundering measures, transparency on beneficial ownership of firms and mutual legal assistance in asset freezing and confiscation.
Bank of Israel raises benchmark interest rates to highest level since 2006 due to high inflation, with future rate hikes depending on upcoming economic data, as the shekel weakens and economic growth is expected to slow.
Gulf energy giants collaborate with tech start-ups in pursuit of carbon capture solutions fuelling debate on whether to focus on reducing fossil fuels or carbon emissions.
The World Bank warned of the dangers of Lebanon's cash economy, which has nearly doubled as a result of trust in banks plummeting.
For the second time this year, Saudi Arabia raised billions of dollars from the sale of Islamic bonds.