Khor Mor
Despite the attacks, the Iraqi government reportedly aims to purchase gas from the field without KRG's consent.
KRG oil
Negotiations have stalled due to conflicting demands between Turkey, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi federal government.
Alcohol sales long have been a major driver of tax revenue and a moneymaker for the UAE. Dubai Duty Free, for instance, sold six million cans of beer last year.
The UAE has refused to back the Palestinian Authority's budget ahead of the Arab Summit, calling for a new Palestinian government.
Ras al-Hekma screengrab
Egypt received $14 billion from the UAE on Wednesday as a second payment for the development of the Ras al-Hekma peninsula.
Khor Mor
Due to safety concerns after a drone attack, a Canadian-Turkish consortium suspended operations at the Khor Mor gas field expansion in Iraqi Kurdistan.
The independent body that oversees the financial system in Palestine acknowledged that banks in Gaza had faced "increased challenges" linked to the war there.
EasyJet - GETTY
Low-cost carrier EasyJet mistakenly sent an email to customers saying flights had been cancelled 'due to events in Israel' causing panic and frustration.
Algeria signed a multi-billion dollar deal with Qatar to build a cattle-breeding farm in the North African country that will help it meet local demands.
US dollar
Over 151,000 Iraqi citizens acquired US currency at the official rate for travel but never left the country, the investigation revealed.