Dozens protest outside London Israeli embassy against Netanyahu's judicial reforms

Dozens protest outside London Israeli embassy against Netanyahu's judicial reforms
Dozens of protesters stood outside London's Israeli embassy on Saturday to demonstrate against a series of controversial judicial reforms.
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05 February, 2023
Several people at the demonstration held up: 'Defend Israeli Democracy' [source: Getty]

Dozens of protesters gathered in central London on Saturday to demonstrate against Israel’s new far-right government

It is estimated that hundreds huddled outside the Israeli embassy in London’s Knightsbridge waving Israeli flags and carrying signs which read: "Defend Israeli Democracy". 

The protest, which mirrored similar demonstrations across the globe, was held to express outrage against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial plans to overhaul the country’s legal system. 

 "What do we want? Democracy. When do we want it? Now," the London protesters can be seen in videos chanting: 

The demonstrators were mainly Israeli expats now living in London, reported Jewish News.

"I am Israeli now living [in London] who is very concerned about democracy, and all the legislation that’s being proposed in the next few weeks," said one protester to Jewish News. 

Expats from over 20 cities global also held similar demonstrations. 

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Thousands protested in Tel Aviv for the fifth-consecutive week on Saturday for demonstrations against Netanyahu’s judicial reforms. The changes would allow Israel’s parliament to overrule any supreme court decision with a simple majority of 61 lawmakers in the 120-seat body.

The proposed reforms would also change the system through which judges are appointed, giving politicians more control.

Netanyahu heads the country’s most right-wing coalition in history, composed of a number of extreme-right and ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties. 

Extremist members have caught to consolidate parliament’s control over legislative and security branches, and have stamped ever further on the rights of the Palestinian people. 

Hardline security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has banned waving the Palestinian flag in public spaces and stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, sparking international outcry. The new government have also signalled their intent to expand illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. 

Observers have highlighted that the latest protests, which rail against Netanyahu's new far-right coalition, have not spotlighted Israel's continued occupation of the Palestinian territories,.