Dozens killed after three vehicles collide in Mosul

Dozens killed after three vehicles collide in Mosul
Fourteen people have been killed in a vehicle collision in southern Mosul as post war recovery remains stagnant, leaving roads unsafe to drive.
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28 July, 2018
Mosul is struggling to recover post-war [Getty]

Fourteen people were killed in a vehicle collision in the Iraqi city of Mosul on Saturday.

Local sources said three vehicles collided in Qayyarah town, located in south of Mosul, according to local al-Hurra newspaper.

All three vehicles burned in the collision and there are no known survivors.

The direct cause of the collision is unknown.

Mosul is recovering after it fell to Iraqi forces almost a year ago, after defeating Islamic State group in a gruelling and bloody offensive that saw thousands of militants, soldiers and civilians killed.

Unsafe post war infrastructure

Whilst local civilians are attempting to restore normality in their city, stamp marks of war still haunt Mosul as post-war redevelopment remains at large stagnant.

Mosul’s infrastructure, which has yet to be rebuilt has left roads unsafe for driving, increasing the risk of fatalities from collisions as debris, improvised explosive devices and an unknown amount of corpses have not only made it more difficult to recover from war, but exasperated unsafe road conditions.

A lack of government assistance has meant that there is little hope for the city, which is considered to be Iraq's most damaged city to recover. The UN has estimated that eight million tonnes of debris lies around the city, which is being disposed of in a "spontaneous and ad-hoc manner".

Meanwhile, scorching summer tempratures means that trapped corpses have been bloating and decomposing between the debris.

It has been estimated that at least $874 million is needed to repair basic infrastructure in Mosul.