Dozens injured as massive blaze engulfs downtown Cairo hotel

Dozens injured as massive blaze engulfs downtown Cairo hotel
More than 80 people were injured after a massive fire engulfed a hotel and several nearby buildings in a busy low-price commercial area in downtown Cairo.
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09 May, 2016

Cairo fire

At least 81 people were injured on Monday after a fire spread rapidly through a commercial area in downtown Cairo.

The fire erupted overnight inside the six-story Hotel Analusia in the al-Mosky neighbourhood – a populous and low-price commercial area.

The blaze spread quickly into four nearby buildings, including warehouses containing flammable materials.

"Dozens of people were lightly injured, including firefighters, with most suffering from smoke inhalation and bruises but not burns," said Ahmad Anasary, head of the Egyptian ambulance authority.

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Army engines and dozens from the Cairo Fire Department worked on putting out the blaze.

All hotel guests were evacuated and at least six were treated for breathing difficulties on the site.

The rest of the injured were taken to a nearby hospital and all were reported to be in a stable condition.

Firefighters battled the blaze in the early morning and it appeared to be under control according to live footage shown on Egyptian television.

After the fire was extinguished, security forces sealed the area allowing it to cool down, local sources reported. 

The cause of the fire was not immediately known but an investigation is underway.

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