Double bombings target packed street in Syria's Raqqa

Double bombings target packed street in Syria's Raqqa
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09 April, 2019
An IS former stronghold has been targeted in a double bombing.
Raqqa was heavily bombed during the SDF's campaign to capture the city [Getty]


A double bomb attack in the Islamic State group's former stronghold in Syria has killed at least at least 13 people, media have reported.

Two bombs killed nine civilians and four US-backed fighters on a packed street in Raqqa, AFP reported.

It is not clear who launched the bomb attack but IS have targeted Syrian Democratic Forces, after the jihadis were defeated in Syria by the US-backed group.

A Raqqa resident told the agency that he saw black smoke and "blotches of blood on the ground".

"There is panic and fear in the area after the bombings," he added.

Raqqa was the self-declared capital of IS, until it was captured by the SDF in 2017.

Since their defeat in the village of Baghouz the group has been officially defeated in Syria, although they continue to hold territories in the Syrian Desert region.

The jihadi group has also launched some attacks on SDF forces, including a bombing in Manbij which killed 19 people, including four Americans. 

A car bomb targeted a patrol of the US-led coalition in the northeastern town of Shadadi on Tuesday, the war monitor said.

Meanwhile the Ansar al-Tawheed rebel group launched a bomb attack on a regime checkpoint in Hama province on Tuesday, killing at least three soldiers.