Letter from high-ranking Democrats warn of potential for major conflict in Israel

Letter from high-ranking Democrats warn of potential for major conflict in Israel
A letter being circulated by high-ranking Democrats is warning of the potential for major conflict in Israel if the government carries out some of its more controversial policy plans.
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Washington, D.C.
08 March, 2023
US Congress members often take sponsored trips to Israel. [Getty]

Several prominent Democratic members of the US Congress are warning of a major conflict in Israel based on recent policy proposals by the country's new far-right government, Jewish Insider reported earlier this month.

The letter, which is being circulated by high-ranking members of the House Democratic Caucus, is reportedly set to be delivered to President Joe Biden. 

Those circulating the letter include Representatives Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, the ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee, Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, the ranking member of the House Rules Committee, and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, according to the report.

The letter describes the volatile security situation in the West Bank and Israel, insisting that US diplomatic leadership is crucial to prevent further escalation.

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"We urge you to use all diplomatic tools available to prevent Israel’s far-right government from further damaging the nation's democratic institutions and undermining the potential for two states for two peoples," the letter's authors reportedly write.

The letter goes on to assert that Biden needs to "make clear that the US will firmly oppose any moves toward annexation that the Israeli government may pursue as a result," and that the US president should emphasise the importance of checks and balances and an independent judiciary for a strong democracy.

They go on to praise recent statements by US allies in Europe well as the United Nations condemning plans for settlement expansions.

This letter follows a trip sponsored by J Street, the pro-Israel liberal lobby group, which has reportedly been promoting the letter.