Child among civilians killed by regime bombardment in Syria's East Ghouta

Child among civilians killed by regime bombardment in Syria's East Ghouta
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16 January, 2018
A child is among civilians killed as regime bombardment continues on East Ghouta.
The Assad regime has continued to target the besieged town of East Ghouta (Getty)
Civilians, including a child were killed in East Ghouta on Monday as Syrian regime continue to bombard the besieged town, east of Damascus. 

A source in the White Helmets confirmed that a child was killed, and a number of civilians were injured following artillery shelling carried out by regime forces on the town of Hamouriya. 

According to Syria’s civil defence force, another civilian was killed and five others injured in the city of Madera, while another civilian was killed during intensive shelling on the city of Harasta.

While the Assad regime backed by Russia has retaken more than half of the country with a string of victories against rebels, the besieged and battle-scarred Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta remains a thorn in the regime's side.

The region east of Damascus has been under near-daily bombardment and a crippling regime siege since 2013, but rebels controlling the area have been able to use it as a launch pad for rocket and mortar attacks on the capital.

The beleaguered 100-square-kilometre enclave's estimated 400,000 inhabitants are suffering severe shortages of food and medicine.

Children there are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition.

The Syrian White Helmets have called on the international community to intervene to save the residents of East Ghouta from continued attacks from regime forces, and to pressure Damascus to allow the entry of medicine and food into the area. 

According to the organization, there are around 630 critically ill civilians in Ghouta in desperate need of medical attention. 

At least six civilians, including a woman and child, have died of starvation as a result of the siege imposed on the area.