British University in Egypt 'bans niqab' on campus

British University in Egypt 'bans niqab' on campus
The British University in Cairo has reportedly banned students from wearing the niqab - or face veil - following similar measures at other universities.
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09 August, 2016
Cairo university has already banned staff from wearing the niqab during classes [AFP]

An Egyptian-British university in Cairo has banned students from wearing the niqab - or face veil - starting from next academic year, according to reports.
Mohammed Farid Khamis, the president of the board of trustees at the British University in Cairo, made the announcement according to The New Arab's sister Arabic site.

Only students already registered at the university are allowed to continue wearing the face veil.

The announcement was not initially made public, but some students wearing the niqab were prevented from entering the university.

Despite a number of campaigns from students and parents, the university has not retracted its decision.

"Depriving veiled girls from studying in the university, and veiled parents from entering is a punishable offense, and those affected should be compensated," said lawyer Mahmoud el-Shafei.

He described the decision as "null and void for violating the Egyptian constitution, which gives citizens rights and freedoms as well as violating international norms and conventions".

The decision followed increasing controversy surrounding the niqab and similar crackdowns on Islamic dress across Egyptian universities.

Earlier this year, Egypt's Administrative Court upheld a decision to ban Cairo University's academic staff from wearing the Islamic full-face veil (niqab) during classes.

Ahmed Mahran, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit against the university president Gaber Nassar, argued that the decision was unconstitutional.

The president of Alexandria University has however stressed that wearing the niqab on campus was a "personal choice".