Bella Hadid 'moved to tears' over Qatar's Palestine exhibition

Bella Hadid 'moved to tears' over Qatar's Palestine exhibition
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26 October, 2022
Palestinian supermodel Bella Hadid posted that she attended an embroidery event and an Islamic Arts museum in Doha with her father and Naomi Campbell, proclaiming her love for Qatar and Palestine
Bella Hadid has often used her platform to shed light on the ongoing persecution of Palestinians [Getty]

Supermodel Bella Hadid proclaimed her love for Qatar and Palestine after visiting a Palestinian embroidery show in Doha on Tuesday.

Hadid an American supermodel with Palestinian and Dutch roots visited Qatar to attend the Embroidering Palestinian History event which showcased the history of Palestinian embroidery, known as 'tatreez'.

"Landed in Doha and went straight to see the incredible new Palestine exhibition, 'Labour of Love'", she announced with a slide of photos of the exhibition, including one of herself and her father Mohammed Hadid.

"This show brought tears to my eyes and even more pride for my beautiful Palestinian roots and people. I love you Qatar and I love you Palestine!"

She also visited the opening night of Qatar Creates with veteran supermodel Naomi Campbell. The pair took part in a "beautiful" night tour at the Museum of Islamic Art.


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Qatar Creates is a platform to showcase art and culture across the country and was established to showcase local culture to tourists, especially during the World Cup which the Gulf country will be hosting next month.

Hadid has often used her platform to shed light on the ongoing persecution of Palestinians by Israel and has marched in Free Palestine demonstrations. She has also reportedly donated her earnings to organisations supporting Palestinian refugees. 

Her father's family fled the Palestinian city of Nazareth during the 1948 Nakba - or Catastrophe - when tens of thousands of Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes during the creation of the state of Israel. 

Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are still systemically subjected to continuous forced expulsions and violent attacks at the hands of Israeli soldiers and settlers, while those in Gaza live under a crippling siege which has plunged hundreds of thousands of people into poverty.

Palestinian refugees outside the country are not allowed to return to their homes, and those remaining within Israel's 1948 borders face widespread discrimination.

Human rights groups such as Amnesty have accused Israel of committing "the crime of apartheid".