Assad, allies want to broadcast propaganda on Russian satellites

Assad, allies want to broadcast propaganda on Russian satellites
The Syrian regime is in discussions with Russia about a possible satellite slot acquisition to allow propaganda from Damascus and allies, Iran and Hizballah, to bypass Arab boycott
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27 January, 2017
The recapture of Aleppo bolstered the Syrian regime's propaganda efforts [AFP]
The Syrian regime is looking to use Russian satellite providers to broadcast its news channel as well as Iranian and Hizballah-linked TV channels after they were dropped by satellite operators Saudi-based Arabsat and Egypt-based Nilesat.

Damascus has been engaged in discussions with Moscow this week over possible satellite acquisition with providers such as the Russian Satellite Communications Company [RSCC], according to Syrian minister of information Mohammed Ramez Turgeman.

Turgeman addressed the dropping of news channels by satellite providers in the Arab world, adding that the talks with Russia were vital to help them move their broadcasts to Russian satellite providers.

"This is extremely important, several meetings were held with Director General of al-Manar Channel along with Head of Islamic Radio and Television Union, Sheikh Ali Karimyan," Space Watch reported Turgeman as saying.

"It was agreed to move on this project in cooperation with Russia. Practical and useful steps have already been taken in this regard," he said.

Turgeman said the recapture of Aleppo, with the help of Iranian-backed and Russian forces, has bolstered its propaganda efforts via social media and other traditional media outlets, such as newspapers, radio and TV.  

But the lack of access for media outlets supported by the Syrian regime and Iran to Arab and Western satellite providers has left them heavily reliant on the internet, social media and apps such as Telegram.

Meanwhile, Moscow is also engaged in building the National Communications Satellite [NCS] for Tehran, set to launch in next few years.

It is expected that Syrian regime news channels as well as Hizballah's al-Manar TV will broadcast via NCS.