Anti-coup demonstrations held in Egypt before Rabaa anniversary

Anti-coup demonstrations held in Egypt before Rabaa anniversary
Anti-coup demonstrations have been taking place around Egypt in commemoration of the third anniversary of the Rabaa massacre this Sunday.
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12 August, 2016
Demonstrators chanted for justice for detainees [TNA]
Several areas outside Alexandria in northern Egypt called for demonstrations on Friday to reject the military coup.  

The protests were held by the anti-coup alliance under the title Rabaa: The Story of the Nation.

The demonstrators marched in solidarity with victims of the Rabaa massacre where thousands of protesters were killed when the military stormed a sit-in held in support of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. This Sunday will mark the third anniversary of that massacre.

Protesters demanded freedom for detainees, punishment for perpetrators of abuses. They also demanded that Egyptian security services stop the persecution of opponents of the coup and repression of demonstrators.  

To the west of Alexandria, rallies set off from Wardeyan, Amiriyah and Burj al-Arab, led by many movements and associations of youth and women. Many chanted slogans against the military coup lead by now Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.  

In the east of the city, demonstrators marched chanting against military rule and condemned death sentences issued against Morsi – described as politicised. Protesters raised pictures of Morsi and of martyrs and detainees.  

Small, yet frequent anti-coup protests are often held in Egypt, especially on Fridays. There is a ban on public demonstrations and over 40,000 political prisoners are held in Egyptian prisons.  ​