Egyptian singer Mohamed Ramadan causes outrage by taking picture with Israeli fan

Egyptian singer Mohamed Ramadan causes outrage by taking picture with Israeli fan
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05 August, 2022
Egyptian singer Mohamed Ramadan has been slated across social media for taking a picture with an Israeli fan.
Egyptian singer Mohamed Ramadan is no stranger to controversy [Getty]

Egyptian singer Mohammed Ramadan has caused outrage in the Arab World after posing for pictures and videos with an Israeli fan.

Maya Zakharia posted videos of herself with the singing sensation on TikTok. showing the pair at an event on the Greek island of Mykonos, where Ramadan performed on 28 July.

The videos have gathered millions of views in just under a week and infuriated Ramadan's fans, particularly after images of a woman - who activists say is Zakharia - in an army uniform emerged.

Outlets including Arabi21 claimed she served in the Israeli army. The New Arab could not independently verify these allegations. 

“Mohamed Ramadan what a loss of your name, you [are someone with] little loyalty to your religion and Arabness,” twitter user Jamal_223 said.

"The scandals of Muhammad Ramadan continue with the normalisation of [him] with an Israeli girl… at a Greek party," another user tweeted.

Some Twitter users jumped to Ramadan’s defence, including Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris, arguing that he shouldn't have to check passports before taking pictures with fans.

"Do u think it's possible that a pretty girl like that comes and asks for a picture with you, and you tell her no show me your passport?," he tweeted referencing the scandal.

Ramadan did not directly respond to the scandal, but posted a laughing emoji and a heart alongside Sawiris' comment on social media.

Zakharia told Israeli media that the star didn't know she was Israeli, saying "he was nice to everyone".

Ramadan is no stranger to controversy, previously receiving backlash for taking a photo with Israeli singer Omer Adam.

He later denied knowing Adam was Israeli, saying "Palestine is number one".

In July, activists labelled him "vulgar" for appearing with a Lamborghini on stage during a performance in Jordan, citing the "poverty… [and] hardship of living" in both Egypt and Jordan.