Afghan court extends Ghani's presidential term until September elections

Afghan court extends Ghani's presidential term until September elections
An Afghan court has extended the presidential term of President Ashraf Ghani until elections later in the year.
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21 April, 2019
Ashraf Ghani will remain president until at least September [Getty]
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has seen his term extended by the country's supreme court until elections take place, which have been slated for September.

Ghani's term is due to expire on 22 May but was extended Sunday due to delayed elections.

Presidential elections were initially slated for April 20, cancelled as election authorities said they would not be ready for this date October parliamentary elections.

The presidential poll was delayed until 20 July and again until 28 September.

"The Afghan supreme court has extended the service term of President Ghani until the re-election of a new president," the court said in a statement.

"The supreme court understands the financial, security and logistical challenges faced by the election commission."

The elections have also been rumoured to have been delayed to allow the US time to strike a peace deal with the Taliban.

Opposition politicians and presidential contenders had called for an interim government until the presidential elections are held.

The supreme court said it was asking "presidential candidates to respect the delay in the presidential elections".

Ghani was elected in 2014 although the vote was dogged by allegations of fraud.