UAE's MbZ visits Saudi Arabia for 'cooperation talks' with MbS

UAE's MbZ visits Saudi Arabia for 'cooperation talks' with MbS
Abu Dhabi's crown prince visited Jeddah for talks with Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince.
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06 May, 2021
Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan visited with the Saudi Crown Prince [Getty]
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (MbZ) visited Jeddah on Thursday for talks with his Saudi counterpart, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss regional cooperation.

The pair discussed bilateral, regional, and international issues during the meeting in the western Saudi city, UAE state news agency WAM reported.

MbZ praised the relationship between the two Gulf states, after reports of recent disagreements.

"During a meeting today with my brother Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Jeddah, we discussed out strategic relations and common goals. We also exchanged views on several regional and international issues and explored our strengthened cooperation for the stability of our region," he tweeted.

Though details of the meeting remain scarce, it is likely the pair discussed Iran and the war in Yemen, which both countries are engaged in.

The UAE minister of foreign affairs recently praised Saudi Arabia's "tireless efforts and its main role in the region's prosperity and stability", the state-run WAM reported last week, in another sign of strengthening ties.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed said Saudi-Emirati relations "constitute a distinct and unique model for relations between Arabs" that is "not only strategic and historic, but rather exceptional and strengthened by ties of common blood and destiny".

The meeting comes after US President Joe Biden praised the UAE's controversial move to normalise relations with Israel earlier this year.

President Biden spoke by the phone with Prince Mohammed on Tuesday in his first call with the de-facto UAE ruler since entering the White House in January.

"They discussed regional and global challenges, including Afghanistan, the nuclear and regional dimensions of the threat posed by Iran, as well as the common quest for de-escalation and peace in the Middle Peace," a statement released by the White House at the time said.

"In that regard, the president underlined the strategic importance of the normalisation of relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. He expressed his full support for strengthening and expanding these arrangements."

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