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6 Palestinians killed in occupied E. Jerusalem since 7 Oct.

6 Palestinians killed by Israel in occupied East Jerusalem since 7 October
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30 October, 2023
Anger mounts in occupied East Jerusalem as Israel indiscriminately bombards the besieged Gaza Strip.
Increased Israeli police presence in occupied East Jerusalem, along with excessive frisking of the young and movement restrictions have added to the tensions. [Ibrahim Husseini/TNA]

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man in occupied East Jerusalem on Monday, 30 October, after stabbing an officer, a statement released by the Israeli police claimed. 

"A resident of East Jerusalem arrived armed with a knife at the Mendelbaum gas station in Jerusalem. The terrorist stabbed a Border Police officer in the upper body and, after grabbing the officer's weapon and attempting to fire it unsuccessfully, fled the scene", the statement claimed. 

Video footage shows an Israeli soldier taking aim and firing one shot with a rifle, then running towards a person lying on the road. 

Local sources identified the Palestinian man as Adam Abu El-Hawa, 17, a resident of East Jerusalem. 

Medical sources said the Israeli policeman sustained moderate wounds. 

Israeli forces have killed at least six Palestinians from East Jerusalem since October 7. 

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Anger over Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip has been on the rise in occupied East Jerusalem and in the occupied West Bank. 

Israeli police presence in the city is often viewed as intrusive, along with excessive frisking of the young and movement restrictions have added to the tensions. 

Reports of young Palestinians harassed by the Israeli police in East Jerusalem have also increased in the wake of Israel's new war on Gaza.

At Damascus Gate, one of the Old City Gates, Israeli forces routinely stop and search school children without any evident provocation or threat from the children's side.   

Limiting the freedom of expression in Israeli universities has also markedly increased since the war started. 

"Israeli universities and colleges have initiated an unprecedented number of disciplinary proceedings, suspensions, and even expulsions of Palestinian students, citizens of Israel, based on their private social media posts, often before any hearings take place", the legal centre for Arab minority rights in Israel,  Adalah, stated. 

More than 70 Palestinian students who carry Israeli citizenship are currently fighting "punitive measures" for alleged "support of terrorism." The students, according to Adalah, were targeted for showing solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza.