1,453 human rights violations documented in Egypt this summer: report

1,453 human rights violations documented in Egypt this summer: report
The Committee for Justice has found more than a thousand documented violations in Egypt in only three months this year.
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01 December, 2022
Egypt has a very poor record on human rights [Getty/archive]

An independent human rights association documented 1,453 human rights violations in Egypt between July and September this year, 1,351 of which were related to arbitrary deprivation of liberty.

In its quarterly report on human rights and freedoms in Egypt, the Committee for Justice (CFJ) monitored 48 violations related to enforced disappearance, 26 violations on poor detention conditions, 19 cases on death in detention facilities, and nine cases of torture.

The largest percentage of violations occurred in August, numbering 516, which accounts for 35% of the total number of violations documented.

The CFJ’s report covered 10 of Egypt’s governorates, documenting the highest number of these violations in the capital, Cairo, where 939 violations occurred, or approximately 64%.

Police stations and centres topped the list of detention facilities where violations were documented, where 306 violations were documented.

With regards to victims, political activists were the target of 11 documented violations as well as people working in the media industry and engineering professions, the report found. They were followed by human rights defenders with seven documented violations.

Young victims between the ages of 18 and 34 represented the highest age group among the victims, with 33 documented violations.

The share of males was the highest, representing approximately 98% of total documented violations, numbering 1,424.

Human rights organisations have long complained about Egypt’s poor human rights record, where thousands of political prisoners are being held.