13 Israeli soldiers killed in ground offensive on northern Gaza

13 Israeli soldiers killed in ground offensive on northern Gaza
Israel's ground offensive began late last week and has been focused on cutting the north of the Gaza Strip with the south, with heavy fighting centered around the outskirts of Gaza city.
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01 November, 2023
Israel has been bombarding the Gaza Strip since 7 October killing 8,796 people in preparation for a ground offensive that began late last week [Getty]

At least 13 Israeli soldiers have been killed in the ongoing ground assault on the Gaza Strip which began on Friday, including 11 on Tuesday.

Seven soldiers of the Givati Infantry Brigade's Tzabar Battalion were killed when their armored personnel carrier was hit by an anti-tank missile fired by Hamas, with an additional four soldiers wounded in the incident.

Two soldiers from the Seventh Armored Brigade were also killed when their tank drove over an explosive device, with two other soldiers wounded in the incident.

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Another two soldiers from a reconnaissance unit of the Givati Infrantry Brigade also were killed on Tuesday in clashes with Hamas.

Two other soldiers were also confirmed dead in the current ground operation, although the military is yet to officially announce their deaths.

Israeli Minister of Defence Yoav Gallant called the deaths a "severe and painful blow", noting that the army's advance was taking "a heavy toll" on the army.

The announcement comes as Israel pushed into the north of the Gaza Strip, with Israeli armour attempting to cut off the two main roads leading to southern Gaza, Salah Al-Din Street and Al-Rashid Street.

On Monday, a video emerged allegedly showing an Israeli tank firing at a civilian car driving on Salah Al-Din Street.

Hamas spokesperson Abu Obeida vowed to continue fighting against Israel's ground operation on Tuesday, issuing a statement saying: "The Palestinian resistance sees in this battle the beginning of the liberation battle and the end of years of occupation."

Hamas also released footage of its fighters using underground tunnels to launch attacks against the Israeli army's advance into Gaza. Most of the fighting has been in northern Gaza, where Israel is advancing, although clashes were reported around Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

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The advance comes as Israel continues its bombardment and siege of the Gaza Strip, which has killed 8,796 Palestinians including over 3,500 children.

On Tuesday, Israeli airstrikes on the Jabalia refugee camp killed and wounded around 400 people after six 1,000-kilogramme bombs were dropped on the densely-packed neighbourhood.

Israel's siege, bombardment, and ground offensive in Gaza have resulted in growing calls for a ceasefire, including from UN agency UNICEF, which warned of additional suffering as a result of the siege.