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Christina Hazboun

Christina Hazboun


Christina Hazboun is a London based Palestinian writer, researcher and music manager, who focuses on independent, non-mainstream musics from South West Asia and North Africa. She is also the founder of the music discovery platform @thesonicagent


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It's difficult to overstate Halim El-Dabh's contribution to electronic music. A pioneer in the field, Halim's experimental sounds evoked new modes of feeling and methods of practice. His works are now being reissued with the help of old Arab friends.

15 September, 2023

The Circassian genocide and subsequent migration to the Levant are often forgotten. But through the pop-folk of Jordanian-Circassian artist Zazuka, we're awoken to their exile and to the diaspora's ever-changing influences to preserve their culture.

20 June, 2023

Ever-evolving, Badiaa Bouhrizi waits for no industry to catch her artistry. A graceful encapsulation of the Tunisian spirit, Badiaa's taste, musical expression and devotion to the craft has made the singer revered throughout the region.

19 April, 2023