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Mohammed El-Kurd

Mohammed El-Kurd


Mohammed El-Kurd is an internationally touring and award-winning poet, writer, journalist, and organizer from Jerusalem, occupied Palestine, and the cofounder of the #SaveSheikhJarrah movement. He is the author of RIFQA. His work has been featured in numerous international outlets, and he is currently the first-ever Palestine Correspondent at a U.S. news outlet, The Nation. Alongside his twin sister Muna, Mohammed was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by TIME Magazine in 2021 for “helping to prompt an international shift in rhetoric in regard to Israel and Palestine.”

With 2022 set to be the 'deadliest year' for Palestinians in the West Bank, Mohammed El-Kurd refuses to be forced to justify his people's right to resist Israeli occupation, especially to those who sanction the violence enacted on them.

22 November, 2022