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Noshin Bokth

Noshin Bokth


Noshin Bokth has over 6 years of experience as a freelance writer. She has covered a wide range of topics and issues including covering the implications of the Trump administration on Muslims, the Black Lives Matters Movement, travel reviews, book reviews, and op-eds. She is the former Editor in Chief of Ramadan Legacy and former North American Regional Editor of the Muslim Vibe.


Book Club: In war, no matter who wins, the people lose. Vietnamese poet and author Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai's second novel poetically reveals the hidden tragedies of the Vietnam War through the sagas of two Vietnamese sisters and an American soldier.

03 May, 2023

Book Club: A story of diaspora, drama and displacement, Enter Ghost is a thought-provoking and utterly captivating novel about the tragedy of the Palestinian experience. It is also about how those affected can resist in unique and effective ways.

29 March, 2023

Book Club: Recipient of the Naguib Mahfouz prize for Arab literature, Ahmed Taibaoui's debut novel is a grim introspective of a poverty-stricken Algiers. Set in post-civil war Algeria, Taibaoui's noir offering is an intense, must-read page-turner.

22 March, 2023

Book Club: The turbulence, trauma and turmoil caused by the final days of colonial rule divide communities and pit loved ones against each other. In Leila Aboulela's latest novel, we are forced to come to terms with the complexities of motivation.

08 February, 2023

Book Club: Michael Christopher Low's luminous study shows how public health and travel concerns became conduits in the battle of Anglo-Ottoman regional legitimacy, therefore quelling anti-colonial activism within the context of the Hajj pilgrimage.

28 December, 2022

Book Club: Sadhek Khan's The Emirate of Britain teases the notion that frightens so many: the sudden upheaval of 'British' society as they know it in favour of an Islamic one. Playful if profound, Khan raises interesting questions about nationhood.

21 December, 2022

Book Club: We weren't meant to read The Devil's Dance. Banned for 27 years, Hamid Ismailov's masterpiece is an account of a floral culture attempting to blossom under the iron fist of dictatorship. We haven't yet read his work in English, until now.

14 December, 2022

Book Club: The death of Queen Elizabeth II has revived debate over whether the monarch was a feminist icon. But behind these seemingly playful discussions lies a deeply difficult discourse that penetrates into the heart of global feminist movements.

19 October, 2022