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A correspondent in Iran

A correspondent in Iran

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The University of Tehran will offer admission to Iraqi militias in the ranks of Hashad al-Shaabi, while Iranian student activists have been dismissed or suspended from continuing their studies.

20 July, 2023

Despite mounting pressure from critics and public opinion to secure Iran's share in a joint gas field with Kuwait, Iranian officials remained silent, stepping back from previous claims they had.

17 July, 2023

By arresting the family members of activists and journalists, the establishment attempts to silence dissidents across the world.

03 July, 2023

After visiting Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, Iran's foreign minister, ahead of a high-ranking delegation, held talks with politicians and diplomats in the United Arab Emirates.

28 June, 2023

Following attacks and restrictions on Iran's Mujahideen opposition group activities in Europe, Iranian dissidents and pro-establishment outlets hint at an unwritten deal between Iran and the EU to control anti-government exiled groups

26 June, 2023

Iranians took to social media and organised protests outside the country to reject the authorities' claims against those blinded during last year's protests.

09 June, 2023

The appointment of Iran’s ambassador to the UN as chair of this year's Human Rights Council Social Forum sparked anger among Iranian opposed to the government, while the establishment's supporters welcomed the move.

05 June, 2023

Iranian journalists launched a campaign demanding that the judiciary handle cases of journalists arrested in relation to last year's protests in open courts.

02 June, 2023

Iran, which has the second-highest number of executions in the world, speeds up sending drug and murder-related prisoners to the gallows as a strategy to increase pressure on the anti-establishment civil movement.

15 May, 2023

Amid a harsh crackdown against women defying the strict Islamic Sharia Law regarding women's outfits, Iran's police chief demonstrated severe intolerance towards media coverage of the police's campaign to implement the hijab law.

10 May, 2023