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A correspondent in Iran

A correspondent in Iran

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The latest case of deaths in custody happened on 31 August, when Javad Rouhi was transferred from Nowshahr prison to a hospital and died there.

19 September, 2023

On 28 August, Yarrahi was arrested for releasing his latest work, which commemorated the anniversary of last year's anti-establishment protests that rocked the country following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini.

08 September, 2023

Over 110 professors have faced dismissal from Iranian universities in a sweeping "political cleansing" at higher education institutions.

06 September, 2023

A border wall Iran constructed 20 years ago close to its border with Afghanistan sparked deadly border clashes between the two neighbours as the Taliban 'claimed' Iran's territory.

29 August, 2023

Through alternative clothing and symbolic acts, Iranian used the Muharram mourning ritual to express their opposition to the establishment and commemorate the protestors killed last year.

22 August, 2023

Iranian officials introduced a new initiative offering free land on the disputed Abu Musa Island in the Persian Gulf to encourage construction and increase the island's population.

15 August, 2023

An Iranian journalist warned that the government's intensified crackdown on activists was aimed at suppressing any potential resurgence of protests as the anniversary of the 2022 anti-establishment nationwide demonstrations approaches.

08 August, 2023

Iran's elite force commanders said they considered the death penalty for those who set the Quran on fire in Sweden and Denmark.

04 August, 2023

Reports about the alleged presence of an Iranian judge responsible for the hanging of political activists sparked anger among the Iranian diaspora.

31 July, 2023

In a renewed effort to enforce the obligatory Islamic hijab law, Iran's Judiciary imposes harsh punishments for hijab disobedience.

25 July, 2023