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Dalia Al Dujaili

Dalia Al-Dujaili


Dalia Al-Dujaili is Digital Editor of Azeema, Founder of The Road to Nowhere, a columnist at This Orient, and a freelance journalist with bylines in the Guardian, Huck, Cosmopolitan Middle East, Trippin', Notion and more. She also works with organisations such as Counterpoints Arts and Migrant Rights Network. 


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When life crumbles around you, how do you seek shelter? Using photographs, illustrative maps and drawings, Dr. Sana Murrani's visual archive 'Ruptured Domesticity' maps Iraqi lived experiences of war and treasures their spatial ingenuity to survive.

02 May, 2023

In what felt like a seminal year for Arab culture, 2022 saw the stars of the Arab world align to eclipse past ceilings of achievement. What will 2023 hold for this ever-expressive cohort of creatives, and is the world ready for the Arab takeover?

03 February, 2023

Cairo's prodigal son, Naguib Mahfouz, has left an indelible mark on Arab literature, inspiring millions to put pen to pad. A new initiative has sought to further consecrate this legacy by reimagining covers of each of his most distinguished works.

23 September, 2022