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Mariya bint Rehan

Mariya bint Rehan

Mariya is a writer and illustrator from London, with a background in Policy and Research and Development in the voluntary sector. She has written and illustrated a children’s book titled The Best Dua which is available internationally.

The new national census results reveal a growth of multiculturalism in the UK, but behind the numbers are deeper questions about empire, belonging, and 'British-ness', writes Mariya bint Rehan.

20 December, 2022

The long racist history of silencing Muslim women can be traced back to early orientalist texts. Today, they are used by Western leaders to justify international horrors and forced to be extensions of state surveillance, writes Mariya bin Rehan.

23 November, 2022

Islamophobia Awareness Month: Mariya bint Rehan writes about the tragic impact of Prevent on Muslim families, especially children who have been disproportionately targeted by the duty. Their trauma continues to be ignored.

16 November, 2022

Mariya bint Rehan explains why the government scrapping efforts to define islamophobia only fuels a narrative that demonises Muslims. The case of far-right Dover petrol bomber who wanted to “obliterate Muslim children” should serve as a warning.

08 November, 2022

Watching familiar faces like John Cleese reveal their Islamophobia and join GB News may shake our sense of belonging as British Muslims, but despite the initial despair, can actually provide clarity and liberation, writes Mariya bint Rehan.

17 October, 2022

From Sheep-related jokes for Eid, to surreal floral daily Islamic greetings, Mariya bint Rehan explains how the Muslim meme offers a creative, amusing and heart-warming escape from a world of rising hostility towards Muslims, especially in the West.

05 September, 2022