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Saoud Khalaf

Saoud Khalaf

Saoud Khalaf is a British-born Iraqi filmmaker and writer based in London. His videos, which have garnered millions of views across social media, focus on social justice for marginalised groups with specific attention on the Middle East. His latest documentary premiered at the Southbank Centre for Refugee Week.

Sport transforms the lives of those who have little to live for or have been denied the possibility of life. In Lebanon's Shatila refugee camp, a Jiu-Jitsu training course has forged new means of hope and strength for the camp's residents.

09 May, 2023

Around the world, journalists are threatened for speaking truth to power. This World Press Freedom Day, The New Arab invites you to remember those who've passed, the forgotten, and celebrate journalism's role to help expose corruption and violence.

03 May, 2023

To commemorate the International Day of Tatreez and Palestinian culture, we met with The Tatreez Sisters, an online platform started by two British-Palestinian women living in the diaspora, that stitch together Palestinian culture and identity.

02 May, 2023

Ramadan is upon us, a month-long Islamic celebration of charity, faith and willpower. But what happens when you are deprived of community, and face fasting alone? The New Arab speaks to a disparate group of British Muslims about how they are coping.

23 March, 2023

Without the Tigris and Euphrates, civilisation as we know it would not have existed. Such is the significance of these rivers to Iraq that, as drought conditions worsen, the fate of the Mesopotamian Marshes may yet affect the fate of the nation.

12 January, 2023

As the dust settles on last year's football festival, it's clear that Qatar 2022 World Cup was filled with firsts. But perhaps one of the more important legacies of the World Cup will be Qatar's openness to fans who usually cannot travel so freely.

06 January, 2023

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People: With visible displays of support for Palestine at the Qatar World Cup, we delve into the nature of this support and also the sanctions faced by those who have protested for the cause.

29 November, 2022

A US video game developer is planning the release of a long-delayed title which insensitively recreates the gruesome battle that left a generation of children born deformed in Iraq's Fallujah 20 years after the illegal invasion.

16 November, 2022

Tatreez embroidery is an ancient and enduring symbol of Palestinian culture and identity. In Lebanon's Shatila refugee camp, a group of Palestinian women are keeping this tradition alive by teaching a new cohort of practitioners this age-old art.

13 October, 2022

From inspiring anthems to shifting racist views, Saoud Khalaf writes about the effect of growing representation of Muslims in UK football which has changed drastically over the years.

23 August, 2022