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Anisha Mansuri

Anisha Mansuri


Anisha Mansuri is a recent MA Creative Writing graduate from the University of Birmingham, a poet, writer, and freelance journalist. I write on issues surrounding the experience of the South Asian diaspora, as well as the silencing of women in the current political climate.


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Dior wowed the world with its Mumbai runway show spotlighting the mastery of South Asia's ancient forms of embroidery. But behind the beauty, it's hard to overlook luxury fashion houses' looting of Indian craftsmanship & neglect of artisan's welfare.

19 April, 2023

North India is witnessing some of the most hazardous air quality seen in years, but it is the nation’s poorest who are being disproportionately affected by heightened health disparities as they have no choice but to breathe the air they know is toxic

17 January, 2023

The Labour Party’s proposal to introduce mandatory ID cards in order to ‘control’ UK borders would be harmful to migrants and add another layer of surveillance and policing that disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable, writes Anisha Mansuri.

24 November, 2022

Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy is not just paved with contributions to fashion, he had a history of misogyny and racism. Anisha Mansuri explains that the Met Gala’s decision to honour him legitimises his oppressive views within the industry.

18 October, 2022

From the UK to Pakistan to the UAE, women in our communities are often forced to chose between freedom and survival, and we have a duty to fight for those whose name will never make headlines, writes Anisha Mansuri.

07 September, 2022

Boris Johnson's demise has brought forth the most diverse leadership contest in British political history. But behind the façade of masked identities lies the reality that these candidates have used their ethnicities as a tactical shield.

29 July, 2022

Over-romanticising one's heritage has a number of pitfalls, not least trying to reconcile past feats with present persecution. For one British-Indian, this process of identity has been made harder by an ever-shrinking public space for Indian Muslims.

14 July, 2022