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Lara Bellone

Lara Bellone d’Altavilla

Bellone d’Altavilla

Lara Bellone d’Altavilla works in the humanitarian field and has published works across various platforms covering social justice issues in the Middle East. She is the founder and content writer for GRLبنت and co-founder of Guardians of Equality Movement (GEM).

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Assad's Syrian regime has caused untold physical and psychological harm to the Syrian people, depriving them of the right to life. Now, an archaic legal defect has caused thousands of more Syrians, especially children, from being granted citizenship.

15 September, 2022

Jordan's recent decision to criminalise those attempting suicide is a laughably myopic policy, particularly in a country where diseases related to mental health are rife. Proper infrastructure and funding are needed to curb this worrisome trend.

12 July, 2022

Arab countries continue to be plagued by regular incidents of gender-based violence, with each branch of a government unwilling to condone rising rates of femicide. Such apathy has led feminist groups to organise a series of transnational strikes.

08 July, 2022