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Mike Phipps

Mike Phipps

Mike Phipps

Mike Phipps is a long-term Labour and anti-war activist, editor of For the Many: Preparing Labour for Power (OR Books, 2018) and of the Iraq Occupation Focus fortnightly e-newsletter. He writes regularly for the platform Labour Hub.

The Conservatives were hammered in England’s recent local elections but Labour has a way to go if it is to win the next general election. Starmer must stop targeting the left, especially given how well radical candidates fared, argues Mike Phipps.

08 June, 2023

Amidst growing discontent with the Tory government, Labour has a chance of winning the next general election. However, Starmer may need to review his rightward shift and the targeting of left-wing figures within the party, argues Mike Phipps.

14 November, 2022

As Labour leader Keir Starmer continues to abandon policies associated with Corbyn, even with the risk of losing the next general election, the base of activists and election of socialist candidates locally cannot be ignored, writes Mike Phipps.

09 June, 2022