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Liam Kennedy

Liam Kennedy

Liam Kennedy is a researcher at the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and an editor at Red Pepper magazine.

The decision to expand the World Cup to make it more international and inclusive doesn't address the deep inequalities in football. It simply means more money in the pockets of FIFA and its corporate partners, writes Liam Kennedy.

13 April, 2023

The easing of brutal Covid restrictions in China will not abate the government’s repression of workers and minorities, argues Liam Kennedy.

08 December, 2022

Liam Kennedy argues that whilst the UK’s new Prime Minister caters for the mega-rich and corporations to the detriment of the many, the UK’s wave of labour militancy looks to power on. We must therefore stand in solidarity with all those who strike.

29 September, 2022

136 years since the first May Day when hundreds of thousands took part in a general strike in the US, Liam Kennedy reflects on workers resisting around the world today, and argues that solidarity between movements must be built across borders.

30 April, 2022