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Tariq Raouf

Tariq Raouf


Tariq Raouf is a Palestinian-American Muslim writer, based in Seattle.


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The film Farha has migrated to the popular production company Netflix and with it the watchful gaze of millions of users across the world. With Israeli authorities whipped into a frenzy at the film's success, is this a major win for Palestinians?

14 December, 2022

Book Club: Unjustly imprisoned at 16, Ahed Tamimi's experience in Israeli incarceration has informed her activism for the Palestinian cause. Now a major figurehead of the Palestinian struggle, Ahed and her co-writer reveal all in a searing memoir.

05 October, 2022

Mo Amer's infectious humour has been rewarded with an eight-part Netflix series, based on a semi-autobiographical account of the Palestinian-American comic's life. For Palestinians like Mo, the series is a triumph of representation and perseverance.

24 August, 2022

In celebration of Pride Month, we talk to queer Arabs and asked what it means to be queer in a community that’s already othered in this country because of their race, religion or ethnicity. 

17 June, 2022

Moon Knight's cultural significance continues to reverberate across the Arab world. In particular, Palestinian-Egyptian actress May Calamawy's role as Scarlet Scarab has given hope to the Palestinian diaspora and helped counter misrepresentation.

24 May, 2022

Due to reductive and harmful notions of identity, Palestinian-Americans have either had to hide their diasporic pride, or assimilate to survive. Yet, as we find out through the story of Tariq Raouf, many have now awoken to political engagement.

11 March, 2022