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Ufuk Necat Tasci

Ufuk Necat Tasci

Ufuk Necat Tasci

Dr Ufuk Necat Tasci is a political analyst, academician and journalist. His research areas and interests include Libya, the foreign policy of Turkiye, proxy wars, surrogate warfare, new forms of conflict and history

Negotiating social media algorithms has become a vital currency for the 21st century. But who was the man who created such ingenuity? To answer this, we have to cast our minds back to 9th-century Baghdad and learn about the genius of Al-Khwarizmi.

15 November, 2022

Analysis: Amid ongoing political deadlock, General Khalifa Haftar's recent remarks imply that he is prepared to plunge Libya back into war to break the stalemate and consolidate his power.

11 November, 2022

A beacon of intellectual development, Baghdad's House of Wisdom provided welcome shelter for academics across the Arab region for centuries. Ufuk Necat Tasci takes stock of the library's influence and ponders the library's continued importance today.

13 October, 2022

Analysis: Deadly clashes in Libya's capital of Tripoli between armed forces supporting rival prime ministers have raised fears of a return to war. But why are they fighting, and what does the future hold?

05 September, 2022

Analysis: With the rise of new political actors and a reshuffling of old alliances, Libya's political instability threatens to lead to violence, while the prospect of elections remains elusive.

19 August, 2022

Analysis: Protests over economic conditions are exacerbating a political crisis in the country, which remains deeply polarised amid the rising possibility of armed conflict.

14 July, 2022

Analysis: Armed clashes triggered by Sirte-based leader Fathi Bashagha's attempt to unseat the UN-recognised Tripoli government highlight the volatility of Libya's political crisis.

01 June, 2022

Analysis: Turkey's Bayraktar TB2s cemented the country as a global power in the drone industry. Now, the newly announced unmanned combat aircraft Kizilelma could reshape aerial warfare.

09 May, 2022

Analysis: Amid a standoff between rival governments, Libya's vast oil industry has once again fallen hostage to the country's political crisis.

27 April, 2022

Russian invasion of Ukraine has meant that all eyes are now back on Libya, but the interests of international powers has more to do with the energy crisis than it does with the democratic stability and freedoms of Libyans, writes Ufuk Necat Tasci.

04 April, 2022