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Lyse Mauvais

Lyse Mauvais

Lyse Mauvais

Lyse Mauvais is a freelance journalist based in Amman, Jordan. She covers environmental issues in the Middle East, with a focus on Syria and Jordan.

Decades of conflict have left a toxic legacy in Iraq and the healthcare system in shambles. Faced with rampant rates of heart defects at birth, Iraqi doctors struggle to treat infants in need of life-saving surgery.

16 February, 2023

Kurdish culture is little-known abroad, and international coverage often focuses on war, displacement, and geopolitical tensions. But one international film festival is rewriting that narrative, bringing Kurdish cinema to an expanding audience.

16 December, 2022

Dubbed the 'fuel of the future,' green hydrogen is the hype of the day at COP27, especially among MENA states aiming to become hydrogen hubs in the coming decade. But what are the limits of this hydrogen craze?

25 November, 2022

COP27 negotiations concluded with a historic agreement on loss and damage. But outcomes were otherwise disappointing and the Arab group, led by Saudi Arabia, blocked any mention of phasing out fossil fuels – a key contributor to global warming.

21 November, 2022

Israel's official pavilion at COP27 is replete with initiatives and high-tech solutions to fight climate change in the region. But one of the organisations chosen to represent its climate agenda caused a backlash due to links to illegal settlements.

18 November, 2022

As top climate talks unfold at COP27, no progress is expected for the millions due to be displaced by climate change. To this day, there is no legal recognition for “climate refugees” and no sustainable funding plan on the table for host countries.

16 November, 2022

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11 November, 2022

Effective climate action is not possible in a repressive environment, high-profile human rights defenders – including the sister of jailed dissident Alaa Abdel Fattah – powerfully affirmed last night at COP27.

09 November, 2022

With the Middle East Green Initiative, oil-reliant Saudi Arabia is trying to portray itself as a regional climate champion. But how “green” is the initiative, and how credible are Riyadh’s net-zero pledges?

08 November, 2022

Held in Egypt, COP27 will bring up key issues for African and Arab states, including how to compensate the most vulnerable for the loss & damage caused by climate change. But the talks take place in a difficult context and little progress is expected

04 November, 2022