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Nyasha Bhobo

Nyasha Bhobo

Nyasha Bhobo

Nyasha Bhobo is a journalist, and human rights activist. Her work appears in Rest of World, Newsweek and Reuters.

As hundreds of thousands flee the Russian invasion, Arab, Asian and African students in Ukraine have been denied exit from the country on the basis of their skin colour, laying bare Europe’s blatant racism and double standards, writes Nyasha Bhobo.

02 March, 2022

The ban on Egypt and South Africa by Western countries in regards to PCR Covid-test barcodes have nothing to do with health concerns, rather it is part of a historical xenophobic mistrust towards non-Western technology, writes Nyasha Bhobo.

20 December, 2021

South Africa's boycotting of Miss Universe in Israel, though a small act of solidarity with Palestinians, is a refreshing form of bravery, writes Nyasha Bhobo.

22 November, 2021